Mountain Biking 101 - Mountain Bike Lessons For Kids

Give the Lifelong Gift of Riding

This is a weekly mountain bike lessons class open to kids 6-13.

Each week we will go over the fundementals of biking:  






Trail etiquette




Each week will bring something new to the kids and will engage your son or daughter on their bike using their body and mind. 

We find that kids learn best with repetition.  Each week we will build upon what we learn in weeks prior. 

We will get to know your kids and how they like to ride. 


Kids must know how to pedal a bike and ride it without assistance. 

A bike with functioning brakes, gears and tread on their tires is required. 

Helmets are always required.

Glasses, gloves, and padding is optional. 

Winter months requires approriate clothing.  Please be sure your child has on thick socks, winter boots, gloves, and warm clothes. 

We find that 3 layers are perfect: 

Underlayer:  thin thight underclothing

2nd Layer: medium thickness polarfleece type mid-layer

Outer Layer: Thin windbreaker 

Snowpants are fine if they are narrow at the ankle (to not get tangled in their bikes) and are lined.

Class Schedule

Kids can start at the beginning of the month and continue as long as they are having fun!

Price is based on 4 weeks - $120

Contact us to register: